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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lawrence....the boy at the gate

You have heard us talk about Lawrence, and you have even seen his picture on this blog with his grandmother and little sister.  We are praising God today
because we found out that little Lawrence has no neurological problems that will prevent him from getting speech therapy.  He is scheduled for his first
appointment with the therapist on November 6th.  I am so thankful!  He also has an appointment with an eye specialist tomorrow to see what procedure
will need to be done to correct his eye.  It is amazing how God lays people on your heart when He wants you to get involved.  Lawrence was a child in a very impoverished place with no resources and seemingly, no hope for the future.  God had other plans.  He allowed us to notice this little unnoticed child, day
after day, sitting there unable to speak or eat, with a crossed eye.  I kept thinking of my children, and how, even with our limited resources, and honestly, the
fact that when they were growing up we had no insurance.....God still provided all they needed and all we needed.  I now look at my grandchildren and know that if they were in the same situation that Lawrence has been over the 5 short little years of his life, I would hope beyond hope that somehow, some way could be made for my little one to be noticed, to be helped....given hope and a future.  God noticed Lawrence.  God picked that little boy up in His arms and is working wonderful works in that little body, and in that little life. Through this physical help, this little boy will also see the love of Christ. He will hear the words of Jesus spoken to him as he also experiences the love of Christ in tangible, physical ways.  I can't wait to give you more updates as things progress for Lawrence.  You know I will let you know each new praise that comes along.  In the mean time I ask that you pray along with me for him, and his entire family. Not only for continued physical healing, but for the ultimate healing....a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

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