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Monday, November 2, 2009

Lawrence....the very latest!

I know you will be interested in this newest information received over the weekend!  Here is what my dear friend Henry had to say about Lawrence's appointment on Friday:
"Lawrence went through a series of tests.  His retina, orbit, and the entire back of his eyes seemed okay.  He was fighting during most of the examinations but doctors did their best.  In fact they had suggested putting him to sleep but this would mean theater" (this is the term Ugandans use for operating room).
It seems too, that Lawrence is far sighted and will need glasses.....but praise the Lord his eye condition can be corrected! An appointment has been made for Lawrence
to see a children's specialist in vision.  He will also visit a children's specialist to assess his heart, lungs, etc to make sure he is healthy enough to be put to sleep
for the eye surgery.  Today (Monday, Nov 2) Lawrence will see the children's specialist regarding his vision.  Please pray for him, for his grandmother, and for the specialist who will be working with him.  I ask you to pray, too, that God will provide whatever funds will be needed for Lawrence to receive the surgery......don't forget, too, that he has an appointment with the speech therapist on the 6th, which is this Friday.  This precious little boy has much going on that will drastically and positively change his little life, and as a result, make life more hopeful not only for him but for his grandmother as well.  God is so awesome!  We give Him all the praise and glory!

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