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Sunday, February 27, 2011

God's blessings continue

It never ceases to amaze me how God provides for us!  How He does it always reminds me that He does not need me to make things happen.....He allows me to be a part of His work, as much to help me grow as a Christian, and to increase my faith as anything else.  Recently several things have happened.  You already know about the two wells, the house, and the piggery.  Well, now it seems the Lord has more in store for us and the precious people of Uganda, and He is greatly working in the region of Karamoja.  When people google specific things like, looking for organizations that are involved in well ministries, or Karamoja, or whatever.....those organizations names pop up....Mercy Uganda's information popped up and we have been doubly blessed.  First, we have met a beautiful missionary family in Karamoja, and then we have met Pat a gentleman who works with Bicycles for Humanity.  I mention both, because it seems the two will now be intertwined.  Our Director, Henry Mello was able to meet with Pat and  his team in Karamoja to assess the possibility of bicycles for the people there....this would truly be a blessing to them as they walk miles, often just to get water.  It turns out the missionary family has been praying for bicycles.....Isn't God great? 

 Another great way that God reveals His work is this......a gentleman in our church had a specific dream about wells and Mercy Uganda, and is convinced that he is supposed to help work on a project to provide more wells for Uganda.  Just so happens that this missionary family works with an orphanage that needs a well.  I suppose you can guess where the focus of our next well project will be.  I love how God does things.  How He brings people into each others lives, and how He provides for our needs, very often allowing His children to be part of it.  I ask that you pray for Mercy Uganda, for our new and dear friends the Fulk family, for Bicycles for Humanity, and for our friend Wayne who has this vision for water......Yes....God IS SO GREAT!!