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Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is Nancy guest blogging for Laura.
Henry Mello, our Uganda Director for Mercy Uganda recently  made his first trip to America.    I first met Henry at Laura's home during a Mercy Uganda Board Meeting where we shared a meal, a really good meal at that! However....Henry was always afraid to eat too much...afraid he would gain weight that he could not maintain when he returned home....hmmmm.

All of us enjoyed visiting with Henry and getting to know him better and learning more about what he does  in Uganda, which is ALOT!

Henry had a long, difficult process getting a visa to enter America and returned with Laura after her last trip to Uganda. We have Congressman Steve Southerland to thank for helping him get here!

Henry does so much for the ministry work in Uganda. He is such a blessing and obedient instrument of the Lord.  Below are pictures and information giving you a taste of Uganda, and a hint of some of what we have going on.....Henry is the wheels that keep it all turning!

The Dorcas Program.......women who were provided sewing machines and have set up a business and are learning they can provide food for their families.
The women in Bugiri made patterns out of concrete sacks.

A skirt pattern

A blouse pattern

These women are excited to be self sufficient, something Mercy Uganda strives to achieve.We were able to obtain a few of the patterns the ladies had creatively designed, and use them in our displays and speaking opportunities.

The first question I asked Henry when I met him was did you have culture shock.

In his answer, Henry asked me if we had any needy people in America and of course I said yes!
That day he worked with Laura's husband Mark who needed to go to the county landfill after work.  Henry was amazed.  Notice the shoes below?  Henry picked them out of the debris and cleaned them up to take home to Uganda.....he said we need shoes!  I walked out to look at them and felt so ashamed.  We really are a throw away society.

Below are some school supplies the Ugandan children use.

 Notice the book below.....if the majority of children in a school are Christians, they teach the Christian curriculum....if most are Muslim, they use the Islam curriculum.

Henry with Mark and Laura

This is the paper Henry is holding above.  Boda boda's are the main transportation and riding on one is an adventure.

As a matter of fact, we all got together on the 4th of July and someone had a motorcycle...Henry took off and had a little ride.  We were just a little concerned that he might be arrested, but whew!  that turned out o.k. other than scaring some of the ladies!!

Below, he had just come from his ride.  He was excited and for more than one reason.  That day he got word that his wife had a baby girl!  They named her Laura.

While Henry was here, we had a cookout fundraiser and shared the Faith 500 project. Please visit our website to learn all about Faith 500 and pray with us that God will provide.

These are some things made by Ugandans we had for sale or just for information at the cookout.

The table centerpieces were made from the handmade Uganda items.  On the table below, the centerpiece is made from napkin rings.

Below is the first draft of what Faith 500 will accomplish with God's help.  A school, an orphanage, land for teaching agriculture and raising livestock......learning to use the resources they have to provide and to reach out to their fellow Ugandans in the love of Christ.

Wall carvings

Food at the cookout!

Henry talking during a slide show about what Mercy Uganda has done to improve the lives of the people and to work in their lives to bring them to know and love Christ. Something that really makes us think is Henry's comment "Poor in America is different than poor in Uganda...American's really don't know what poor is."  How sadly true!

Henry met many people while in America and learned so much that will help him in his work at home. It is our prayer to bring him back next year.  His visits here help him learn things that he takes home with him to help improve lives in Uganda....our visits there help us learn things that enable us to better work with them there.  What a blessing Henry is.  We love him and thank God for him! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Just Never Know

You just never know how your life impacts others.  You never know the effects of one act, whether an act of kindness or otherwise.  You never know whose life will be changed because of something you do, regardless of how large, or how insignificant that something is.  I have had the awesome privilege of seeing large and small things done by many people.  I have had the awesome privilege of seeing how those things have changed lives.  I have seen children go from desperation and hopelessness, to a sense of hope, and a heart of gladness.  I have seen a tired and thirsty people refreshed and full of life.  I have seen those on the brink of death, now looking forward to life again.  These things have all happened as God has worked through people all over the United States,  people who have heard about some  project, or some need that Mercy Uganda has addressed. Seeing God bring people together to provide for His children inspired us to start our newest work....the FAITH 500 Vision.  This "project" is a giant leap of faith.  It is a huge undertaking, too big for us, and more than we can ever accomplish, but it is not too big for God.  This FAITH 500 will allow us to buy land and build an orphanage.  Yes, there are orphanages in Uganda, but more are needed, good Christian, loving, homelike orphanages are needed....not institutions that house orphans, but a home where they are loved and nurtured, and taught the love of Jesus.  The FAITH 500 Vision will also allow us to build a school.  Yes, there are schools in Uganda, but good, Christ-centered, high quality schools are needed, a school that will have at its very root, Jesus Christ.  This school will also provide opportunities for Fine Arts, and life skills, things that most schools in Uganda do not provide, yet children need to help them learn problem solving skills. 
The FAITH 500 Vision will also allow us to develop and maintain an agriculture and livestock program which will teach the children valuable skills for the future, will provide food for the home and school, and a level of self-sustainability for them as well.  You just never know how your role in this will multiply for God's Kingdom's work.  You just never know how many lives will be many souls will be saved through what God is and will be doing through this project.  You just never know.