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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Friend Veronica

I want to tell you about my friend Veronica.  She is an awesome lady from Uganda.  She is the director of the Our Comforter Pregnancy Center in Kampala, Uganda.  She will actually be here this week and will be sharing her very powerful testimony with us at our first Mercy Uganda fundraising banquet this Thursday evening.  Last year we were able to do the 152 Campaign which was a campaign to raise $152,000.00 to help get Veronica an ultrasound machine and money to purchase the building she had been renting for the pregnancy center.  You see, one of the world's largest abortion providers was trying to buy the building and Veronica and the pro-life work she does would have had to move out and find another place.  We knew that God would not allow a place that had been saving the unborn to become a place where their lives were taken.  We were right. With help from indivdiduals and churches in Florida, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, and other places, all the money was raised within 2 days of the deadline the landlord had given.  We were also able to work with International Aid, a Christian ministry that helps provide many resources to ministries like Our Comforter.  Through them we were able to get an ultrasound machine.  What a blessing! 
After the banquet Thursday night, we want to share Veronica's testimony with you, because we know that many will not be able to attend the banquet and we want
you to hear her story.  You will be blessed, I'm sure.  We hope you will pass her story on to others as well. 

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