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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Family Pack Picture

New Project to help Families in Karamoja!!

 Mercy Uganda and Ezekiel 37 Medical team are excited to announce a new project to help the people of Karamoja.

On the last evening in Karamoja during the trip in September, Gabriel asked us to think and pray about helping the people of Karamoja with basic household needs.  He went on to explain that it is not uncommon for a family of 6 or 8 to only have 2 plates and no cups.  No wash basin to wash their clothes or bathe their children.  It is so easy for us to not think about needing these types of items.  We run to the closest department store to get whatever we need.  They do not have that luxury in Karamoja.

Both villages that Mercy Uganda works in Karamoja (Kokorio and Kayapas) have received wells and now that they have clean water they need items to improve the overall hygiene.  The majority of the illnesses that are treated on the medical trips can be prevented by cooking with clean water and cleaning their bodies.  They need a wash basin, soap, and jerry cans to carry the clean water.

Gabriel also stated that it wasn’t uncommon for an old man or woman of 80 years to have never slept on a mattress…..let that set in a second.  NEVER slept on a mattress.  Think about the last time you haven’t slept on a mattress.  Imagine sleeping on the ground night after night for 80 years.

Based on all the information Gabriel (Our Karamoja Field Manager)  gave us we have created the following packs to change the lives of people in Karamoja.

 FAMILY PACK: $25.00 INCLUDES: set of plates, set of cups, wash basin, soap, bathing sponges, and a Jerry Can.
BEDDING PACK: $65.00 INCLUDES: Mattress, Sheets, Blanket, Mosquito Net
COMBO PACK: $90.00 Includes all items from the Family and Bedding Packs

For those of you who already sponsor children with Mercy Uganda you can send your child’s family these packs.  Even if your child lives in Kyamagemule, Bugiri, or Entebbe.  We will make sure your family receives the items.

Christmas is right around the corner and perhaps you don’t know what to put on your Christmas Wish List or don’t know what to get for someone who “has everything”.  We’d love for you to consider sponsoring a Family, Bedding, or Combo Pack and we’ll be happy to send a card to your gift recipient.

To become a sponsor please email Laura Knetzer at