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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on the Little Boy at the Gate

Please take time to read this update on Lawrence, the little boy at the gate.

Some day I hope that like the lame beggar at the gate in Acts 3:1-10, that people who recognize Lawrence as the boy at the gate will be amazed at how he has been healed!

As you remember from the original story, Lawrence is a little boy being raised along with his sister by their grandmother. There are no real details on why their grandmother is raising them, but she obviously loves and cares for them the best she can.  Their mother lives in another village but has little to nothing to do with them. 

I tried to imagine my own children needing medical help and having no way to get that help.  

My dear friend, Henry has been working to get Lawrence seen at a clinic and find out what can be done for him.  I recently received this email from Henry....

Dear laura,
I had another long day in Mulago.
For Lawrance, we saw the doctor who recomended a post-infective sequelae.
In the investigations we were to do three tests. 1, CBC [complete blood count]
2, HIV serology 3, TPHA . We have been able to the HIV serology and he was negative.
We were told that Machines for the other two tests were down and they did not know how long it take them to normalise. they suspected three weeks or a month. I have decided to do them outside Mulago at a fee so that we have them by monday for the neuro clinic.

We were able to move Paul out of hosptal today. they have removed the sticthes so we will be taking him back for review. He became so weak for last five days though now he has started improving.
Have a nice day.


Let me tell you a little bit about Henry....what a gift to this ministry.
With a wife and four children and very poor himself, he is helping little Lawrence, even using some of his limited income to pay for tests.  Henry is a gifted musician and had a deep love for the Lord. 

I'll save the story of Paul for another day, but for now let me explain what Henry's email is saying about Lawrence.

I think the post-infective sequelae ( an aftereffect of  a disease or condition) is from the  malaria Lawrence suffered earlier in his life.

The investigations are tests done at a clinic.  Lawrence needed to have three tests.

Lawrence was only able to have one test that day; the HIV test, which came back negative, which is a big ole Praise the Lord!  He was unable to get the other two tests because their machines were down and it could take three weeks or more before they were working again.

Henry is taking Lawrence somewhere else and paying for him to have the tests so they will hopefully have the results in time for his neurological evaluation.

Please pray for Henry as he continues to attempt getting medical help for Lawrence.  I left him some money for the expenses, but I know he has had to come up with some on his own. 

Mercy Uganda will be having a banquet in Panama City, FL  at the Covenant Presbyterian Church, October 24, 2009 to raise funds to help with medical and other needs of these precious Christians.

If you would like to be part of this ministry by attending the banquet, please call 850-896-2373.  Plates are only $10.00.

Oh, how we pray that this physical help will glorify God and lead to their spiritual health as well.

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