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Friday, October 9, 2009

Lawrence--the boy at the gate

I just wanted to talk about Lawrence is hard to think about a 5 year old boy who is the size of a 3 year old....mostly because he hasn't been able to eat well since he was a baby and ran the high fever from malaria.  It took me over a year to realize that God was pointing me in Lawrence's direction.  I kept looking at him and feeling sorry for him.....boy am I thick headed.  When I finally woke up and realized that God had something specific for me to do it was such a blessing to get involved.  I have some Ugandan friends helping me with translating and with arranging clinic appointments.  Remember, his eyes are crossed but we've been told that can be fixed.  We will be working on that.  Remember, too, that he can't speak or chew.  He goes to a neurology clinic next Monday.  You can't make appointments really, you just have to show up and hope you got there early enough to be seen that day.  This will be their second attempt to go.  When I was there a couple of weeks ago, we were able to go to the hospital and find out where to go and who to see.  Now my dear friend Henry Mello is helping the grandmother get Lawrence to the doctor.  When we find out what exactly is wrong, we will have an idea of the cost.  Then I am hoping to help raise the funds to get Lawrence the medical help he needs.  Please pray for Lawrence and his grandmother.  Pray not only for his physical needs but their family needs (living in poverty) and their spiritual needs as we show God's love in word and deed.  Pray too, that we will be able to raise the funds we will need to get him the help he needs, and that God will place the doctors before him that He wants Lawrence to see.  Thank you for your interest in this ministry.......

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