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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Team is in the field........and the fields are ripe for the harvest!

Laura traveled to Uganda on June 8 and is busy!  She had lots of plans.....updating sponsorship information, meeting with the Minister of Ethics to talk about child sacrifice and many other things.  Whatever God places in her path she's ready to do! 

Playing with Lawrence......he's come so far in the last year!

Some of the work being done....As unbelievable it is, these are desks in a classroom.

New desks being built......

This is you can see he needs some orthopedic work.  Laura will go with Kato to have x rays and see that the orthopedic surgeon gets them.   The last trip included an orthopedic surgeon and two ladies from his office.  He saw Kato and wanted x rays.

One day in the not so far future, Kato will get his much needed surgery.

There are several teams that go to Uganda from our church and other churches.  Below, Roth is in  Uganda with his wife and daugher each using their talents in different areas. Roth takes a break from   building desks and buildings to hold a little girl while Lauren, shows her her picture on the digital camera screen.  Lauren is living in Uganda right now and working in many areas.

There is much work to be done and many hands and hearts are needed.

The plans for the well in Kyamagemule are coming together and being finalized.

Children are being seen for medical concerns.

Children are getting sponsored so they can attend school.  Many of the sponsors sent gifts and letters to their children. 

Ugandan people are learning to build and to take care of themselves.

God is working in wonderful ways through Mercy Uganda.  Thank you for your support!

Stay tuned for many great stories of changed lives and lots of pictures when Laura returns.

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