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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Gift Toward Self-Sufficiency

We just returned from a 2 week trip to Uganda and, as always, were blessed and ministered to by the very people for whom we seek to minister.  We were blessed to partner with some ladies in the U.S. who provided the resources we needed to purchase sewing machines in Uganda.  We were able to purchase 7 of them and they were distributed to 4 geographical locations, 3 in Kyamagemule, 2 in Karamoja, one in Kawuku, and one in Kajjansi.  Because electricity is often an issue, the sewing machines are equipped with foot pedals that allow the ladies to sew without electricity.  In each of the areas where ladies received the sewing machines, there was great excitement and hope, as the ladies each realized the potential this gives them for generating an income for them and their families.  In Kyamagemule (which is also where we will be drilling the well), the ladies begin training this week on their sewing machines. We will also be working with them in developing a technical program which will build upon this new project, and eventually will add more areas of study.  In Karamoja the ladies in a small church will be the core group to begin this program of sewing.  We are also excited to tell you that one of the young ladies that received a sewing machine had just graduated from a sewing program in Uganda and was given a small space to start a business.  She grew an orphan in a local orphanage and from there finished school and got a diploma.  She was knitting sweaters for our sponsored children in Karamoja, and now has added making uniforms to that list.  Not only has the sewing machine allowed her far more opportunities for self-sufficiency, but it has now involved her in ministry work with Mercy Uganda. What a blessing!  Through God's grace and mercy, and the gifts of others, we were able to provide Mary with resources to help her build a small business, and involve her in helping others too. 

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