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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When God Opens Doors

                                                   A little girl in Uganda, going to get water.

I never cease to be amazed at how God provides for His children.  I am always in awe of how He opens doors for His work.  As you know, last September when I went to Uganda, I visited a small remote village called Kalangaalo/Kyamagemule.  They have no running water, and no electricity.  The poverty and extreme need in this village led me to prayerfully seek what God wants for the people there.  Water......a basic need, something they so desperately need..this seemed to overwhelm my thoughts. That was it!  This sweet village needs clean, accessible water.

When I got back to the U.S. I began to research and make contacts for a well to be drilled there.  I spoke to a number of individuals in Uganda and the U.S. Water Mission Uganda even did some survey work.  Their systems were found to be too large and expensive for this area.  We also learned that, due to the rocky terrain and the need to protect the aquifer, a well would need to be mechanically drilled.  We began getting quotes, with help from friends at Water Mission, and missionaries in Uganda.  For $10,000.00 we could have well drilled.

L toR..Nancy Jinks and Laura Knetzer receiving a check from Doug Merkle at the Kiwanis  Club of Panama City.
  Thus the challenge raise $10,000.00.  We had the privilege of being invited to speak about the well project to the Kiwanis Club of Panama City, Florida this past December.  They were were very interested, supportive, and encouraging.  Upon my return from a trip to Uganda in January and part of February, I was contacted by the Kiwanis Club with news that they were donating $500.00 toward the project.  What makes this story so compelling is this: the day in December that I spoke, there was a young man who had just joined the Kiwanis, his name is Colin.  He brought his fiance' that day.  Her mother happened to be visiting her from California.  When this young lady got home, she told her mother about Mercy Uganda.  Her mother went to our website, e-mailed us, and is now one of our dear child sponsors.  She then went back to California and told her husband about Mercy Uganda.  He and his company have now offered us a $5,000.00 matching funds gift for the well project. So, for every dollar we receive, they match it, up to $5,000.00. What a blessing!  How awesome that God caused His blessings to flow in such a way!

During this same period of time we are invited to attend a missions conference at First Presbyterian Church in Demopolis, Alabama, February 26th-28th. It, too, was such a blessing.  During that conference, a kind gentleman, and member of that church donated $500.00 toward the well project.  The Lord continues to provide what is needed for Mercy Uganda as we seek to be used by Him to provide a well for Kalangaalo/Kyamagemule.  Every day I see God opening door after door.  Every day I have to say thank you Lord for Your love, Your provision, Your care for Your children in Uganda.  Isn't God amazing?

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