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Monday, February 22, 2010


 Two children in see many like this there.                     A young boy in Karamoja....what a precious smile he has!

Karamoja......what an experience it was to visit that very remote, impoverished area.  We were actually in the Nakapiripirit area, which, we have found out, is very unsafe.  Four days after I returned to the U.S. two vehicles were attacked by gunfire and people were killed.  Yes, it is scary to think about it, but I prayed that God would lead us where He wanted us to go.  The door to Karamoja was opened, we went, He protected us.  I can't help but think that perhaps those same Karamajong warriors could have been ready to shoot at us but that God had His angels surrounding us. I am convinced that God wanted us there.  He had something He wanted us to see, to learn, to experience.  I am still praying that He shows me what He wants me to do with all of that.  Perhaps it is getting the orphans out of there to a safe place where they can have safety, food to eat, an education, and most importantly, learn about God.  Maybe God has something else....I am praying for His wisdom, guidance, and direction.  As unsafe as that area in Karamoja is, I was able to get into a vehicle and leave.  I had a bed, water, food, and a safe place to return to.  The precious people in the villages we met have none of that.  They have had a drought for 5 years.  They have little or no food, little or no water.  The cattle of the two villages we visited have been stolen by raiders.  They fear for their lives and the lives of their children.  They are desperate.  My prayer is that God will work in my life in such a  way that where He led me will lead me to follow Him, to obey Him, to listen to what He is telling me.  Would I go back to Karamoja?  If God opens the door for me to do so, then yes.
It's easy to go into all the world when its a safe place, but difficult when it isn't.  The least of these....that's what the Karamajong are.....and God calls us to reach the least of these, to help the least of these......I would say that's a pretty clear message.  Please pray for us as we pursue God and what He wants us to do.  Please pray for the precious people of Karamoja. 

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