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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Child Sacrifice and a Sovereign God

You may have seen the news in the past few weeks about increasing child sacrifice in Uganda.  It's hard for us in America to imagine a place where witch doctors sacrifice small children, but they do and we need to bring them to light.

Our sponsored child, Frank, was abducted by witch he is...

You can read all about him here.

Frank was taken by witch doctors while walking to his grandfather's house.  Many times I have tried to imagine the terror of one of my children not showing up at their destination and having no idea where they were or what had happened.  I can't imagine what must have been going on in Frank's mind and the terror he must have felt knowing what these vile people had in store for him.

Now witch doctors choose children because they are pure and perfect.  Upon examining Frank, they discovered a scar on his stomach from surgery he had as a young child.  He was rejected and probably ran all the way home to a very relieved father!  

What the witch doctors considered an imperfection was in fact our sovereign God's way of saving his life.  It was no coincidence that Frank had that scar!  God has a plan and purpose for Frank's life and witch doctors can't stand in the way of God's plan!

Please pray for the children of Uganda.  Pray for their parents as they keep closer watch on their precious children and live in fear of them being abducted and killed.

And please, pray for the witch doctors, that they may come to know the One who made the only perfect sacrifice. 

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