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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick update on the team

This is an update from Laura after a few days in Uganda! It's hard to believe, but they are headed home now.

Please pray for Lauren who stayed behind and will be living in Uganda for the next 18 months.

When Laura and the team are back, we will be posting pictures and many heart rending and Lord praising stories.

I Just wanted to give you an update on our trip.....We have been busy visiting some of our Ugandan friends, churches and had dinner with the Minister of Ethics, and the former Minister of Finance for Uganda.....pretty cool!

Saturday I was a "guest of honor" along with the Ugandan Minister of Education and some other dignitaries (I was definitely out of place)...we were at a football(soccer) tournament for youth which was held by Saved To Serve Ministries.....

Sunday Lauren and I attended a young and very poor church called Mustard Seed Presbyterian church which was located in the middle of a muslim slum area, many of the church members are converted from Islam. My friend Henry Mello was invited to preach.

Tomorrow Lauren and I head to Karamoja which is a very primitive area close to the Kenyan border and about 8 hours from home base. We are going with our 2 Ugandan friends and guides, Henry Mello and Gabriel Lubo to learn from the village and see what the specific needs are, particularly the orphans.

On Thursday we will be picked up by my friend Veronica who was at Covenant in October. We will visit her pregnancy center, and she will take us to visit Rahab house, where girls as young as 10 live who have been rescued from prostitution.

On Friday we hope to go with Bob and our medical team to visit hospitals and I have a couple of children I want the doctor to see. Saturday will be time to go Joy's maternity home, Return to Bethel, and do a little shopping before the medical team returns home.

Next Sunday, Lauren and I will go to Kalangaalo.

Next week we will be visiting schools and holding a ballet camp, as well as the finishing up of Lauren's living arrangements which are going well.

Our last Sunday we hope to go to the Bethel House Orphanage for church service and then we will be flying home that evening....leaving Lauren here for 18 months.

You probably won't hear from us again at least for a while as we will be away from the computer.

Thank you for your prayers for us and I look forward to telling you all about it when I return.

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