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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The team is in Uganda!

This is Nancy updating the blog for Laura who is actually in Uganda doing the work!

This is part of the team that left last Tuesday for Uganda.  I would have gotten a better picture but my husband wouldn't let me stand up and take a picture during the prayer!  Imagine!  So they are actually walking away from the front of the church after being prayed for and being commissioned to do this work God has for them.

We got an update from Bob letting us know that every one arrived, safe and sound with their bags!

This trip is the first official trip for Mercy Uganda!  How exciting for Laura to get back to visit the people she has come to love so much and to give them the sponsorships for school children and progress on the projects that are ongoing.

 This is Lauren Walker.  She will be living in Uganda for 18 months teaching all sorts of stuff to the young women and children there.  She and Laura are in the process of getting Lauren settled in finding just the right place for her to live!

Some words from Lauren.....

We flew into Entebbe airport unscathed by the hyped-up airport security. Rashid was there to greet the four of us (David, Beccky, Brandy, and me) and drive us back to Dr. K's. Today David, Becky, Brandy, and Roth are working on getting the medicine sorted for their trip to Kalangaalo tomorrow. They are going to have a clinic there for a few days.The common area is a little pharmacy right now. Laura and I are just hanging out until we go to a girl's soccer meet this afternoon. Laura is the guest of honor...I really can't tell you much about it now, but I have a feeling I'll have a long story to tell when I get home tonight. The internet situation is precarious at the moment, so I don't know when I'll right again.

As for the mouse, I have not seen him, but Laura has. I would have felt less anxiety had she told me that she saw a python in our room. I suppose this is just the beginning of my having to toughen up. And kill mice. I think the skinny house cat that lives here will be my new best friend.

I'm guessing there are mice at Dr. K's house!  Please pray for Lauren to find the right place to live while she gives her life to the Ugandan people for the next year and a half!

One of the men on our team, Roth, works on building projects that are needed so desperately there in Uganda.  He is working on plans with Pastor Sam Kisembo for projects that will be done in June when he will be back in Uganda.

 We have an orthopedic surgeon and two of his nurses on the team this year.  They will head out to the west for four days of ministry and medical clinics today.

I know Laura is excited to be back with these women, working with them and educating them in so many areas!

Laura will also be checking on Lawrence and the progress he is making on his medical journey.

In the coming days, I hope to report on the exciting things going on in Uganda with our team, and to have pictures! 

In all their efforts, may God receive the glory!

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