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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Simple Act of Generosity

It is amazing what a small gesture can a small act of kindness can start something much bigger.  For years, my husband and our son have collected aluminum. I would complain about the bags of crushed cans beside our garage. And then, last week my husband Mark, laid $17.50 on the counter and said "this is for Mercy Uganda". I asked him where this came from and he told me "from the cans I cashed in". We have been struggling with the funds necessary to wire much needed money to Uganda.  As a young and not-so-rich ministry, it really affects us to pay $45.00 every time we wire money. We never ask our recipients on the other end to help absorb this cost because they are already in need of the funds we send.  The needs are so great there, that every little amount of money makes a tremendous difference.  Then it occurred to me......this aluminum collecting could be our ongoing project to fund the wiring fees.  We just started getting the word out, and are already getting businesses and individuals willing to begin collecting for Mercy Uganda.  We may even have an old aluminum boat donated!  This simple act of generosity.....this $17.50 given to show support for the work God is doing in and through Mercy, has opened a door of opportunity for us as we continue to send much needed funds for medical care, emergency care, sponsorships, and more.  I just love how God takes the faithfulness of others and fertilizes and waters it, and makes it grow for His Kingdom's work.  Please tell your friends about this project.......we pray that it will continue to grow and continue to provide a way for us as we seek to serve the Lord in ministry. 

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