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Friday, April 16, 2010

Grateful Hearts!

I am just constantly amazed at the way God provides!
Debby over at Just Breathe had a give a way recently.  To win you just had to leave a comment and she used a random thingy to choose the winners.  One of the things you could do was to pick a $50.00 gift card or make a contribution to your favorite charity.

I was over reading and to my surprise and great of the winners, Carrie at Cottage Cozy won and asked that her prize be donated to Mercy Uganda!  A check is on the way and let me tell you, Carrie, what a precious and wonderful thing you have done and how much it means to us.

In Uganda, $50.00 can do so much more than it does here in the United States.  It can go a long way towards medical bills, badly needed medications and supplies.  $50.00 will buy two mosquito nets with $10.00 left over! Mosquito nets prevent malaria!

From these sweeties and many more, a big thanks to both Debby and Carrie!  Like the loaves and fishes, God will multiply that $50.00 for His glory!

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