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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Water....clean water!!

The Lord has provided clean, safe, and accessible drinking water to the remote village of Kyamagemule.  One year after we prayerfully began our fundraising efforts, God has given us a well.  Through many prayers and the generosity of many people, God brought health, safety, and so much more to them.  During a clinic we were a part of in Kyamagemule, I, and several ladies met with the women of the village to share testimonies.  One of the ladies stood up and began to speak in her native language. Through the help of a translator we learned that she was expressing her gratitude for this gift of hope to them.  She said "now no more children have to die drowning trying to get water".  We didn't know that a child had, not so many months ago, drowned in that muddy watering hole that used to be their only source for water.  To see the villagers all gathered around to see the first flowing clean, clear water come out was amazing! To watch children fill little water bottles and to be able to see through it because the water was so clear was a gift from God.  I am thankful that God gave us water.  I'm glad he gave us Henry Mello, our director for Mercy Uganda in Uganda.  He would not let the drilling company stop drilling after 60 meters, 70 meters, 80, and 90.....finally at 101 meters, about 300 feet, water gushed forth and the blessing of health and hope began.  We knew we would find water because God had already provided everything else, the money, the drilling company, everything.....He never stops short of what He is accomplishing.  I am thankful for that!!  We are now starting a new well project for another remote village....Kokoro, a village in Karamoja.  This will provide a way to irrigate crops in a very drought stricken land.  I know God will guide this effort too.  Please pray with us and for us as we move forward on this next well project.

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