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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Go into all the world.....

That's what Jesus told us to do.  Go into all the world with the gospel of Christ and that's what Mercy Uganda is all about.  It isn't enough to just go and tell people about Jesus....they need to see Jesus.  They need to know He cares about their need for food, water, education....they need to see that His followers care and that they care enough to give their lives in order that they may know Him.

We have a banquet once a year and it's a fundraiser, but it's also a time to come together and celebrate what God is doing not only in Uganda, but here and across the United States, moving people to become part of His work.  Giving of themselves so that others might know the love of God.  God doesn't need us to to go Uganda or to do missions in our local towns, He commands us to.

Thank you to First Presbyterian Church for allowing Mercy Uganda the use of your social hall and kitchen for this event.  A big thanks to all who came along side and helped make this a time of fellowship and a time when people could hear and see what is happening through their gifts and mostly through their prayers.  A big thank you to Sheila.....below with Laura....I don't think we would have been able to put on the banquet without her help.  She worked tirelessly all day and into the night.

We started with an empty hall......

And busy hands in the kitchen.....

Then decorating

Putting out sponsorship information for children in Uganda that need help going to school

Most of the items on this table are made by the Ugandan people

Ready at last

Thanks to Mr. Bill for running the sound system.  

And thanks to all who came to support Mercy uganda

For the beautiful music provided by Eric  

And to Mickey for being a spectacular emcee

The medical team spoke

This man had no intention of becoming involved with Mercy Uganda, but attended one year because his daughter was helping a result of hearing the testimonies of what is happening through Mercy Uganda, he and his family now sponsor some children to go to school, built a house and a piggery for a family.  Showing the love of God through meeting people's needs and helping them to become independent.

This couple gave matching funds and helped build the very first well in a remote village.   They lived in California at the time, but have now moved to our town and welcome!

Thanks for caring and giving to the Lord

This year we are working on our Faith 500 program and I urge you to go to the Mercy Uganda website
to find out how you can can also link this post to your blog which would be a big help.

Below is part of a song.....I recently heard it and saw it done in sign language and it made me cry.  This is what happens when you may never know until you get to heaven what it means to someone.

This is why we do what we do.

Thank you
Then another man stood before you and said, "Remember the time, A missionary came to your church
And his pictures made you cry.
You didn't have much money but you gave it anyway.Jesus took the gift you gave
And that's why I am here today."

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