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Friday, October 22, 2010

Second Annual Mercy Uganda Fundraising Banquet

This year's banquet came right on the heels of a trip to Uganda.  Such perfect timing our God has!

Several different ladies decorated tables with their china, crystal and silverware.  So every table was different and every table was beautiful.  This year students from our Christian school were involved with helping in several areas, from music to serving tables.  They were great!  Thanks to them all for their commitment to Mercy Uganda.

Our menu was salad, pork, green beans and baked potatoes, bread and dessert.   So many people helped with the food and cooking, setting up the tables and generally helping get ready for a great night.

Special thanks to Olive Garden and Chilis for providing salads.

Laura set up a table with pictures of things happening in Uganda......the sponsored children and projects, both completed and ongoing.  Look closely on the table and you'll see a wooden "stool" by the baskets.  This stool was made by a little boy who needed a sponsor in order to go to school.  He told Laura he made it for his future sponsor.  He got a sponsor at the banquet!  In fact, eight children got sponsors at the banquet!   There are over 500 children in the Mercy Uganda data base.  If you are interested in helping one of these children, check our website for more information.

In the year between last year's banquet and this year's banquet, much has been accomplished.  A well is now in place in a remote village.  You can see the new well in the header of this blog.  As a result of the report about this well, another well will be started in another village this year.

Medical teams have gone twice with Mercy Uganda to conduct clinics for people who don't have access to doctors.

Many people have joined in Mercy Uganda's work.....people we didn't know a year ago.

Children unable to go to school are now attending with the support of American sponsors.

So many more things are happening and it will be exciting to see all the Lord does through Mercy Uganda in the coming year.

Now for pictures of the banquet!

The tables




Opening the dinner with prayer, Pastor Bob Hayes

The orthopedic surgeon who went to Uganda with the team and conducted medical clinics talking about his experience, with his daughter's help!

Talking about his love for Uganda and it's people

A live talk with our field director in Uganda, Henry Mello, on Skype.  He was giving us challenges....the first to pray for the people of Uganda.   It was 3 a.m. in Henry, Gabriel and Lauren (from here living in Uganda and working with Mercy Uganda) got up from sleep to talk to us at the banquet.  That was a great surprise and very touching.

The banquet was a great way to wrap up Mercy Uganda's year and to start another year of service to the women and children of Uganda to the Lord's glory!

Thanks to all who helped and attended.  To get involved with us just visit our website.

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