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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Testimony of a Miracle....

This is George Yawhe, a tremendous help to Mercy Uganda!  Here he is holding one of our sponsored little girls, Rovisha.  If you would like to see the children that still need sponsors go to our website.
 There are still many that need sponsors.

I want to tell you a little bit about George today.  He is now a walking miracle!  He was at one time a dead child walking!  This is a story of how our Sovereign God works in ways we cannot imagine!

George grew up in the village of Kalangaalo.  His family, like most there, were very poor and George did not have access to an education.

When George was 12 years old, a couple came to the village and offered to take him and provide shelter, food and an education.  His parents wanted more for George than they could provide so they agreed.

They were witch doctors!  Over the course of 2 - 3 years they severely abused, beat, bound and burned George,  leaving him for dead after a final burning of his legs over a fire.

George was picked up and put in a hospital for several months.  No one, not even his family knew where he was.  He was not a Christian at the time, but missionaries came to the hospital and shared Christ with him.  George came to know Christ as savior and Lord, and his first prayer was that his family would find him.

This happened around Christmas time and soon his mother showed up at the hospital!  Can you imagine the joy that filled that mother and child?  George asked her how she found him and she said that someone in the village (Kalangaalo) had found a letter addressed to her on the ground, brought it to her and read told her where to find George!

George asked to see the letter, but no one had been able to find it since it was read to his mother.  George told his mother that God had written that letter and dropped it from heaven into Kalangaalo.  That was the very first miracle God gave to George!

Years later George was asked to share his story on the radio in Uganda.  The witch doctor couple was listening (coincidence?  I think not!) and called in to the radio station.  They wanted to contact George, not to continue the pain they had caused years before, but to let him know that they, too, had become Christians!  Another great miracle! 

Never, never think that a person's heart is too hard for God to change!  Never think that your life has been so bad that God cannot change it and use it. 

George's testimony shows God's power in so many ways.  This experience led him back to his home village of Kalangaalo to help others.  Today he shares his miracles with many and shows them how God can change their lives.

He works hard with us at Mercy Uganda!  Thanks George!

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