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Friday, December 4, 2009

The feet of Jesus...

The first time I saw these feet, I was horrified that this child was losing toenails because this child needs shoes.....and clean water.   Such a simple thing in my mind, but for such poor families, impossible.  Notice in this picture that the toenails turn dusty like.  

Just good shoes and clean water for proper hygiene......that would help children to be healthier from head to toe.

Like Florence below.  She is 11 years old and is an orphan who lives with her grandmother, who farms to provide for her.  She is one of the over 500 children Mercy Uganda is attempting to sponsor.  Notice she has no shoes, and lives in a village with no running water, so no proper hygiene, so bacteria runs rampant.  The clothes Florence has on were probably from donations sent over from America...notice her Nestle shirt. 

There are so many who need sponsors.  Over 500 pictures were taken for sponsorships and if we had kept taking pictures, there would be hundreds more. 

Please go to our website to view more children who need sponsors.  There are new pictures up this week!  That means some children got sponsors.......just one of these little ones.  We can be the feet of Jesus going to just one child at a time.  Just one who will learn the love of Jesus through someone who lives far away, but wants to help them to have a better life.  

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