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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In our Thankfulness.....

While we feast on Thanksgiving day out of our plenty, let's not forget those around the world who will be hungry tomorrow.  

In this beautiful country of Uganda.............................

many, many people are hungry.  They are hungry both for food and for the gospel.  Mercy Uganda is working to meet both spiritual and physical needs.

Below, I am with some women in the remote village of Kalaangalo.  I was asked to talk to them about personal hygiene.  My first question to these women was how do you get your water?  They have to walk a ways on a  rocky trail to get water, which doesn't look clean at all.

So, how do I say to these women, you need to bathe every day....when their decision about water includes do we wash clothes, bathe or cook with this water?

Mercy Uganda is working with others to have a well put in in Kalaangalo, which is all they need to have water more accessible to them. 


If you would like to help, go to our website and learn what you can do to help these precious people who are so hungry.....for the everyday needs of life and just as hungry for the gospel!

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