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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hate going to school?

Does your child complain about getting up for school each morning?  Show them this classroom.

This is a classroom in a small village in Uganda.  The children stand at these desks.....

Yet, the children of Uganda are eager to learn....eager to get to school.

One of the missions of Mercy Uganda is helping the people there to build better schools. Improve the schools that are in place, and help to make sure every child gets to school! 

The teams that go over help the Ugandan people learn to do things for themselves, so that they will one day be able to provide for their own needs.  They are eager to do so, they just live in such poverty.

Many of the children, even as young as kindergarten have only a small piece of a pencil to write with and have to sharpen it with a razor blade.

We would be horrified to know our children were using razor blades.  They have no pencil sharpeners and very few pencils (which is why they cut them into pieces).  As you can see by this picture, they just have virtually no supplies. But, they have hearts to learn.

Help us to help the children of Uganda go to school.  Go to our website and sign up to sponsor one of these precious children.


Tonight we have an update on Lawrence

Lawrence is making progress!  He is receiving therapy for speech and learning to eat and is already getting a sense of play which will help in many other areas of learning.  He  has an appointment in February to evaluate his eye. Lawrence has come a long way!  Praise God!

Stay tuned for more updates on what is being accomplished for God in Uganda!

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