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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lilian gets a sponsor!

Our prayer was/is that God would use this blog along with our website to bring much needed physical help, but most importantly the gospel to women and children in Uganda.

On the website, you can go to the Child Sponsorship page to see many children who need sponsors in order to attend school and get a meal every day.

Lilian is one of the first 500 children we were trying to get sponsors for, in order that she could remain in school.

LILIAN HAS A SPONSOR!   We here at Mercy Uganda are praising God for His great Mercy for these children and for touching just one heart to help!

She will attend  Morning Star School which is near Kampala, in the Kanjanssi area. The people there are extremely poor and many work in rock quarries for less than 50 cents a day.

When I first heard 50 cents a day for hard labor, I was stunned......but more than that when I stopped to think what 50 cents will buy in the United States I was really stunned. Not a soft drink, not a candy bar, certainly not a snack from a machine.  Almost nothing......that's what 50 cents will buy here in the U.S.

We really have no idea what real poverty looks like.

For many of these children, the meal they get at school is the ONLY meal of their day.  They love school....they love learning!

Please stop by and take a look at these children.  We will be highlighting different children, so check back often.

If you can possibly sponsor one of these children, you will not only be helping with their education and schooling, but more, much more they will receive the greatest gift of all......the Gospel!

    For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul.  Mark 8:36

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